Testimonials – What Happy Clients Have to Say

Below are just a few of the testimonials happy clients have shared. I offer them to you to encourage you perhaps to take that leap of faith you really want to take. You can change your life too, perhaps in ways you could never imagine …

Personal Breakthrough Program Testimonials

For much of my adult life I have been very unhappy with my body and myself as a person. Marie has helped me to see my true potential and has shown me that anything is possible. After my hypnosis sessions I feel refreshed and joyful and ready to take on the world as the new and true me.  –  Katie J.

Originally I was nervous about having hypnotherapy. Now I see our sessions as the best thing I ever did! Thanks to your encouragement, guidance and therapy, I have shed 23 kgs. and am confident I will reach my goal weight of 110kgs sooner rather than later. I actually love my life now and I know I can stay in control with my new attitude to food and exercise. I never thought I would feel this good about the way I look!  –  Kevin T. Morwell Vic.

Thank you so very much Marie. After our sessions together I feel way more confident and less stressed than I have in many years. With your help I have recovered my sense of purpose and actually enjoy my life now more than ever.  –  Helen S. Traralgon Vic.

Marie, I can’t thank you enough for listening to me, and for the way you helped me take back control of my life. I will never play victim again. I know I am on the right track now and have a whole new outlook for the future.  –  Darlene H. Sale Vic.

I feel more empowered after completing the Personal Breakthrough Program for Alcohol. I can face any situation without feeling I need to drink alcohol to fit in or to have fun and be accepted. I have changed because now I feel in control of my life and positive about my future. I have forgiven myself and others for past hurts and mistakes. From now on I intend to be more adventurous, to explore my creative side, and to be a role model for others as I live with new energy and enthusiasm for life and all its challenges. – (Name withheld) Central Gippsland Vic.

Hypnotic Gastric Band Program Testimonials

I have only good things to say about the program. The positive attitude in this program is amazing. The outcomes are all I could expect and more. – Dawn Roberts, Morwell Vic.

I came in hoping for certain outcomes and through this powerful Hypnotic Gastric Band  Program I feel more empowered and positive about the future. I have the tools and maintenance procedures to follow to maintain my weight loss journey. I am more conscious of what and when I eat; I exercise more and am taking more nurturing ‘me’ time. I could never have imagined the wonderful changes I have experienced in this program. – Monika, Hazelwood North Vic.

I have experienced more from this program than I ever thought possible. Things that once held me back and stopped me from accomplishing my dreams, no longer exist. I have changed because I now feel excited and happy. I intend to keep up my weight loss journey , enjoy my family and friends and feel more confident and happy in everything I do now.
Rhonda Osborne, Sale Vic.

This program really helped me see my worth as a human being, and has given me the tools I needed to become the person I see in my future. This one of the best decisions I’ve made to better and improve myself. I know I can achieve anything I set my mind to and deeply and completely love and accept myself. I will continue on this wonderful journey of self discovery.
Amanda Rowley, Morwell Vic.

Quit Smoking Program Testimonials

I feel great and so alive now that I have quit cigarettes! I can’t wait to create new experiences with my new attitude towards life. I am positive about my future as a non-smoker. I feel happy and fulfilled, and am excited about the future. – Karen Jessop, Newborough Vic.

I was slightly a skeptic on the program, however, after the experience I would recommend it to anyone who was feeling like me. There is no such thing as a miracle, but hypnosis feels pretty close to one. I wish I hadn’t made excuses for so long! I am a non-smoker at last!
–  Angie Burgan, Sale Vic.

I feel like a completely different person than when I came in. I know that I will never smoke again! Marie makes you feel completely relaxed and works with your needs. No more smoking for me after 26 years! Yippee!  Sharon Clark, Bairnsdale Vic.

I found the (Quit smoking) program uplifting and powerful. I received several positive feelings and tools to change my life for the better. Thank you Marie! – Melissa Knibbs, Woodside Vic.

Before I came to do the Quit Smoking Program I felt nervous and unsure, but determined to succeed. Having completed the Quit Program I now feel relaxed, positive, energized and confident. I feel my future is bright and sweet; that I am in control and am able to enjoy everything life offers. – Lorraine Rafferty, Sale Vic.

I am happy to offer my testimonial: Before the program I felt nervous, but now I feel relaxed and confident. I see a very bright future and am a non-smoker for life after working with Marie and completing the Quit Smoking Program. – Julie Jones, Sale Vic.

Before the session I didn’t know what to expect, but saw hypnotherapy as my last option to quit smoking. Having experienced the Quit Smoking Program working with Marie, I feel really good and know that my future will be smoke free for good. – Daniel Cowe, Heyfield

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