Personal Breakthrough Program

Personal Breakthrough Program

Change Behaviours that Hold You Back!

Imagine how you will feel when you

  •  Overcome once and for all, those dis-empowering habits that hold you back
  •  Dissolve those emotional ties that keep you bound tight
  •  Overcome all your unresolved emotions using powerful hypnosis
  •  Clear your deepest hidden memories that keep you stuck where you do not want to be.
  •  Break through your limiting beliefs! Hypnotherapy helps you change at a deep level.

Break free and change unhelpful behaviours permanently

  • Change behaviours that keep you stuck where you are…
  • When all you want is to be free to live life to the full!
  • Free to be and feel like the abundant and creative person you truly are!

Imagine knocking down your walls of frustration and ….

  • Breaking out of your box of limitation
  • Clearing away the debris and baggage of past unresolved beliefs and worries
  • Resolving past negative experience
  • Clearing out everything in your life that no longer serves your real happiness
  • Changing compulsive behaviours and habits once and for all

Our Personal Breakthrough Program is specifically designed to fully empower you.

Uniquely tailored to you and to your story, your Personal Breakthrough Program experience will be like no other. You are unique and so is your life experience. We respect this truth about you, so your journey to Personal Breakthrough and transformation is also unique, private, confidential and powerful.

As you journey through your own special Personal Breakthrough Program, week by week, your life will change as you expand your understanding and experience new freedom of mind and heart.

What is Involved in the Personal Breakthrough Program?

While we use hypnotherapy and life coaching, NLP and other powerful modalities, all you have to do is relax and experience what your higher self directs for you. Others who have completed this powerful program speak of how wonderful it is to be able to relax and let go, to enjoy complete privacy and total confidentiality as wall by wall comes tumbling down and the light of personal power takes over and shines on your path.

Your Personal Breakthrough Program will run for four essential hypnotherapy sessions, each building powerfully on the session before. Of course, you can continue with more hypnotherapy sessions if needed until you have the level of breakthrough and life enhancement you desire.

How Soon Can I Start?

Simply phone (03) 5144-1579 with your request to experience your own Personal Breakthrough hypnotherapy experience and we can set up the first session of your journey immediately. In your phone interview we address your specific questions and how you can take the next step into your Personal Breakthrough.

Your Personal Breakthrough is waiting for you!

Your Personal Breakthrough is waiting for you!