Step Into Mastery Program

Step Into Mastery Program

Take the Next Step Towards Being Master of Your Life

Graduates of our Personal Breakthrough Program, having experienced the life-changing power of hypnotherapy and life coaching, and having resolved and broken free of past issues, inevitably begin to ask, What’s the next step? So we offer our Step Into Mastery Program, an advanced life strategies program for graduates of our Personal Breakthrough Program to help them discover their own personal answers to this most compelling question.

When you are ready to stride into your future with confidence and clarity, it will be your next logical step to embrace your own Step Into Mastery journey.

We have designed our Step Into Mastery Program as the next logical and empowering process of life coaching for mastery. This program is tailor made to your unique situation and life experience, tailored to what you want to accomplish in your life.

It addresses all levels of Life Mastery: spiritual, emotional, health, finances, relationships and much more. You become the designer of your life in a new and more empowering way than ever before.

When you are ready to take this next step into real life mastery, you simply apply by contacting us and we set it up for you.

We encourage weekly sessions for the first four sessions and then you can continue weekly or choose fortnightly sessions or other time frames according to how fast or slowly you want to create the changes and happiness, the steps of life mastery, you want to take.

How Does the Step Into Mastery Program Work?

  • Brainstorm for what gives you the greatest joy
  • Discover your unique gifts
  • Decide what you want to achieve
  • Discover what you want to give
  • Explore how you can serve others
  • Employ you unique gifts to make a difference in your world
  • And so much more.

Together we explore and build your best plan of action and the specific steps you can take as you create the changes you want in your life. Life becomes a life by design, powerful, focused, highly motivated and rewarding.

Step Into Mastery and live your dream, fulfill your life purpose and be the person you were born to BE, living on purpose, living in joy and making a difference in our world.

Step into Mastery of your life: live your dream!

Be radiant like a sunflower: vibrant, fearless and empowered.