Group Workshops

Group Workshops Available

General Information about Group Workshops:

Minimum Participants? The minimum number of participants for a workshop is six people.

Location? I hold these workshops in my studio here at Gippsland Hypnotherapy in Sale.

Would you travel to my venue? If you would like to hold a hypnosis workshop in your own home or venue, this is easily negotiable. Travel and/or accommodation costs will be billed separately.

Cost of Workshop? Currently $40 per person, minimum of six participants.

How Long is a Workshop? Each workshop runs for approximately 60 minutes. However, if a longer time is preferred, the cost is $40 per person per hour, in half hour increments.

Guest Speaker for Your Group I offer free talks introducing Hypnosis, lasting about 20 minutes for groups looking for a guest speaker. Travel costs must be covered. Minimum participants 10 people.

Group Workshops Available

Stress Relief – Introducing how to deal with stress and anxiety

Weight Loss – Introducing strategies to help control weight.

Personal Empowerment – Introducing ways to be motivated, enthusiastic and confident.

Self-Hypnosis – Change your mind, change your life.

Other Issues – Gippsland Hypnotherapy offers Group Workshops addressing other issues of focus. Just let me know what you need for your group or club.

How Do I Sign Up? Ring me, Marie Barrett, on 5144-1579, to leave your details. When six or more participants have signed up, we can proceed with the workshop.

P.S. Please note that group hypnosis cannot cover the depth we go in personal one-on-one sessions. Group sessions introduce hypnosis so you can experience it before committing to your own personal change hypnotherapy program.

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