Marie C. Barrett, Hypnotherapist and Life Coach

About Marie C. Barrett….

Principal of Gippsland Hypnotherapy and Holistic Services

You are safe in qualified and experienced hands…

Marie C. Barrett is a certified hypnotherapist, life coach and holistic practitioner.
She is totally committed to helping people improve their lives. Everyone deserves to be happy, healthy and self-confident, including you!

She has helped many people transform their lives and reach new levels of personal empowerment through hypnotherapy and life coaching, her newsletters, websites, and published articles. There is no greater security for a client than to know they can trust a therapist with such wide experience.

In our practice at Gippsland Hypnotherapy and Holistic Services we have but one purpose: to help you gain new, empowering self-insights, change your life for the better, and step forward into the next highest version of you!

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