Hypnotherapy Works

Hypnotherapy Works!

Experience Real Change and Personal Empowerment

If you are you ready to reclaim your personal power and freedom and break limiting ties that keep you bound, hypnotherapy may well be the answer you’re looking for.

Yes you can live life on your terms, feel in charge of your life and start living to your full potential. You are a unique and very special person so your hypnosis will be tailored to your specific needs and desired outcomes, all in a completely confidential and creative setting.

Your Needs Come First

Your needs and wants come first and are our top priority. In your first interview we will discuss what you want  to change or discover or find clarity with.  Only then do we decide on the best program for you. It may be our Personal Breakthrough Program, our Step Into Mastery Program, our Quantum Healing Program or our Quit Smoking Program.

We use  many different holistic solution based modalities including  life coaching,NLP, energy tapping, spiritual counseling, energy healing, age regression, past life regression or a wonderful combination of any of these powerful tools.

No-one who buys a drill really wants a drill. They want a hole. So they go to the hardware store, make their way to the drill shelf and buy a drill to bore the hole. Done!

What Outcome Do You Want?

So what outcome do you want in your life that brings you here? As long as you really want to change your life once and for all, here at Gippsland Hypnotherapy, based in Sale, Victoria, we can help you create the life you want to experience.

Hypnotherapy is a tool, a very powerful tool that can help you create and experience the change you want in your life. So too are life coaching and the other solution based therapies we offer. You don’t have to struggle and search for remedies any longer.

Whatever your challenge may be, hypnotherapy can help you deal with it and move on, free from having to drag it around any longer. Depression? Weight loss? Phobias? Smoking? Motivation? Stress? No worries. Heave a sigh of relief! You are in the right place at the right time…hypnotherapy works! Especially when combined with life coaching and our other tools specially tailored to meet your personal and specific needs.

Hypnotherapy Works!

No matter what problem you have, no matter how long you have had it, you can change it with the right mindset and guidance. Though the pages of your past history have been written, the pages of your future are open and waiting for whatever you want to write, create and experience. You have an amazing, creative and powerful mind and with hypnotherapy and guidance you can ensure your future is a life of health, success and happiness.

Are You Ready Yet?

Go ahead and contact us to explore your options for creating the change you want.  You can create powerful and permanent change in your life with hypnotherapy and spiritual coaching starting right now.

Give Marie Barrett a call on 0458 244 957 to discuss your challenge and get set for your life-changing experience.


Make a new start with hypnotherapy. Yes, you can change your life for good!

Cherry blossom – signalling a fresh start and a bright new future through hypnotherapy and powerful life coaching!